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The cuisine of Pisa

Tuscany is a region rich in local productions, some very popular and others less known. The area of Pisa is no exception, it boasts a number of agricultural products that is worth to discover and enjoy in the territory in which they are born.

From wine extra virgin olive oil, from meat to vegetables: the cuisine of Pisa knows how to value its products and turn them into tasty and healthy dishes.

Each traditional recipe has an ancient history and flavors that make it unique. Recipes are handed down from generation to generation and often occur in many different variations because every family has its own personal recipe.

This wide variety of flavors is the true wealth of the Tuscan cuisine and Pisan cuisine.

The hills are vast vineyards and olive groves that produces DOC and DOCG wines very appreciated in the whole region and that began to be known also abroad.

The oil is not far behind, you can enjoy it on unsalted bread as a starter and is great as a seasoning for meat, pasta and vegetables.

The proximity of Pisa and its province with the sea make it possible to insert among the typical local dishes even the fresh fish of the Mediterranean Sea.

The cuisine of Pisa