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Old towns of Val di Cecina

Characterized by rolling hills and abundant streams, Val di Cecina has a landscape of incredible value and also boasts numerous testimonies of harmony between man and nature. In fact, in its territory are located many small villages of etruscan-roman origin or of medieval origin that seem to be naturally born on top of the hills.

A few km from Riparbella is possible to visit Miemo, Montacatini Val di Cecina, Volterra, Castellina Marittima, Montegemoli and many others.

The first two are very well kept  medieval villages located in an isolated location in the countryside of Pisa just a few kilometers away from each other. The town of Volterra needs no introduction, is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the valley and of Tuscany in general. Spectacular the old town with medieval buildings and Etruscan archaeological ruins. The extraction and processing of alabaster unite Volterra and Castellina Marittima

Finally Montegemoli is a delightful village of oval shape which preserves part of the ancient medieval castle.
Visit these historic villages of the Val di Cecina is an unmissable opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of the area and above all to taste the local cuisine.

Old towns of Val di Cecina